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What Is VPN And How Does It Works

If you use the Internet, then you must have heard the name of VPN. Because nowadays it is in great demand. And wherever there is talk about internet security, the name of VPN is definitely taken there. But do you know what is this VPN? And why is it so important? It doesn't matter if you don't know. Because today we are going to talk about this. So let's know what is VPN and how does it works.

what is vpn and how does it works

In the last decade and a half, the use of the Internet has increased very rapidly. Even all the services like money transaction, shopping, banking, business and trading have become online. So why would thieves and robbers stay behind? They have also come on the Internet. And have made online fraud their new business. At the same time, such methods of cheating have been discovered that do not ask. That is why online security and privacy has become a big problem. And some security measures have been discovered to overcome this problem. One of which is the solution VPN (VPN).

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What Is VPN

what is vpn and how does it works

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is a network technology that works to convert an unsecured network into a secure network. Also helps to hide the actual location and identity of the user. That is, VPN keeps your identity completely confidential. And protects your data from being hacked. Also it protects the rights of your Freedom of Internet. and allowing you to access restricted services and websites.

How Does VPN Work

what is vpn and how does it works
When you enter the URL of a website in your browser and press OK. So first of all your request goes to your ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider. Where all the details like your Online Identity, Device ID, Location and Data Request are checked. And after that you are connected to the server of that website. After that whatever data is exchanged between you and that website, it is all done through the ISP. In this case, none of your data remains confidential.

Apart from this, your network is also not completely secure. So that every moment there is a risk of data theft. At the same time, restriction is also a big problem. Which prevents you from accessing Blocked Websites. Overall, you have to deal with problems like Freedom, Privacy and Security. But VPN is the solution to all these problems. Because the working of VPN is completely different. How? Let's try to understand.

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Working of VPN

Suppose you want to open this website of mine from the browser of your Smartphone. So as soon as you type  press OK. Your request will go directly to the VPN Server. And the data traffic that will go in the form of a request from your phone, it will be completely encrypted. And will be sent through a Secure Tunnel. Also, your online identity will be completely secret. Because the data traffic will be sent from the VPN server instead of your Smartphone.

But as soon as your data goes to the VPN Server, it will be decrypted. After that the VPN will send your request to the server of And after receiving the answer from there, it will encrypt it back. and will send it to your phone via its secure connection. Now the VPN software in your phone will decrypt that data. so that you can read it. This way your ISP will never know which website you visited and what activities were done there?

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How To Use VPN

is very easy. Choose a good VPN Service Provider. And go to its website and download the VPN software according to your system. If you are using Smartphone then download the mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store. On the other hand, if you want, you can also download Chrome Extension. Well, after that create your own VPN account and activate your license by logging into it. Take it! congratulation! You are all set to use VPN.

Just select your favorite VPN Server or Location. And get connected to the Internet in a world where no one can recognize you. Nor can he keep an eye on you. No one can steal your data. Nor can prevent you from accessing any website. Meaning, you can enjoy the Internet completely free and without worry. And can feel the freedom of the Internet from the heart.

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Advantages of VPN

If we look at it from a user's point of view, there are many advantages of VPN. But it is not possible to mention all here. That's why I will talk about just 5 benefits, which are the most important. And every VPN user should know about them. So let's know

1. Privacy

People who are always concerned about their privacy. VPN is a very good option for them. Because VPN hides the actual location and identity of the user. Also hides its IP address. So that he can do his work by being completely anonymous. That is, which website did he visit? What did you see there? What did you download? No one knows this.

2. Security

It is also a fact of internet that news like Online Fraud, Scam, Hacking and Data theft are heard here every day. In such a situation, using a VPN becomes even more important. Because VPN gives you online security. It provides you a secure connection. Also encrypts your data and protects it from hackers.

3. High Performance

You must have experienced slow internet speed on certain websites. Actually it is called Bandwidth Throttling or Data Throttling. It slows down your Internet Connection. Due to which there is a very bad effect on the performance. But VPN is able to overcome this problem. Because VPN encrypts your Internet traffic, which gives you high performance.

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Top 10 VPNs

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. IPVanish
  4. Proton VPN
  5. Private VPN
  6. Hotspot Shield
  7. SurfShark

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